About the Writer

Valerie Kane works fulltime and writes whenever possible. When she graduated with her masters, she thought she would finally have the hours she longed to devote to her writing.

Boy, was that a mistake.

Turns out that working full time and finding sufficient blocks of time to write are harder than it seems. But, through sheer force of will and a whole lot of tea, she’s making it work (and funding Private Selection’s black tea line).

This blog was inspired by the ongoing writing journey and the black box that seems to stand between writing a thing and seeing it published. “In the course of events” is a phrase JA likes to use when she’s not sure how she got a character from scene A to scene B but she knows it was awesome and she’ll figure it out later. Maybe we’ll get to peek into that black box and see exactly how the course of events really happens.

Valerie lives wherever her imagination takes her.

Current Project

I am working on a young adult fantasy about twins, Dawn and Skye. They live in a world where technology and gods coexist and, bonded to a goddess bent on destroying the other gods, they will risk their lives to save those they love.

The cast is widely diverse in terms of race, sexuality, ability, and gender. It has been a great joy and unbelievable frustration writing and revising it. I am hoping to being querying agents in 2017 with this manuscript.

Why I Write

I write because I must. Check out why I write young adult fiction here.



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