Sometimes Life Happens

Life happened this week and I didn’t plan out the Japan Files like I wanted to but I swear on my first novel that this blog series is GOING to happen…next week. Probably. Because life. Some things have occurred that might require me to take a step back but I’m hoping I can stay on my usual schedule.

Funny enough, I was planning on doing a post on self-care for writers on Monday. Here’s a little sneak peak:

Know your limits and know how to care for yourself.

In American society, working yourself to the bone is prized. It’s a good thing. People boast about how little sleep they get, how much they exhaust themselves at work, and how they don’t have time for vacation or relaxation–because they’re too busy working.

As a full-time data analyst AND a writer AND an American, it’s very easy for me to slip into that cycle. Especially because I tend not to notice how stressed I am until it slaps me in the face.

kirk slap.gif
Pay. Attention. To. Your Feelings!

I am taking today off (sort of) because it was either turn in a stressed out, short post on how stressed out I am OR turn in a stressed out, sub-standard, long post on how Japan influenced my writing.

And the latter is not how I want to write. Ever.

I hope to see you Monday for a more thoughtful post on self-care for the writer! Have a good weekend. 🙂

Author: V. Kane

I write YA fantasy, blog about it, and then take my dog out for therapy. My current manuscript is ANATHEMA, a story of two sisters caught up in a war between the gods. Find me on Twitter at @ValkyrieWriting or Instagram at books_and_dogs

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