M is for Marriage

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M is for Marriage!

It’s what bwings us togeva today

Here are some marriage and proposal customs from around the world!

Indian weddings can last for several days and include over 3,000 guests!

In Japan, brides married at a Shinto shrine wear an ornate, white kimono for the ceremony but afterward change into a reception dress–which may be another, more colorful kimono or a Western-style dress.

In Hmong culture, the wife capture tradition (where the man kidnaps the woman he loves and then she basically has to marry him) is still practiced in some areas

In Cuba, due to the cost of the wedding, there is a money dance at the reception and men who dance with the bride will pin money to her dress to help pay for the ceremony.

Chinese wedding dates are often set by an astrologer, who determines a lucky date using the birthdates of the happy couple.

In some cultures, such as Norwegian or Swedish, the brides wear woven crowns.

Moroccan weddings also last several days and the brides must be purified beforehand–so they often receive top notch pampering in the days leading up to the wedding.

Dowry negotiations are still a lengthy and normal practice among many cultures.

In Ghana, the groom’s mother and uncle often performed a ritualized proposal to the bride-to-be’s family instead of the man himself proposing to the bride.

And, of course, there are plenty of new traditions being set, like the flash mobs that are becoming more and more common in Asian countries. Marriage itself has many definitions and cultures attach different meanings and behaviors or customs to the ceremony.

What are some marriage customs you know that I haven’t mentioned here? This is a very short list!


Author: V. Kane

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