Challenge Accepted: Responses to Last Week’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Last Saturday I asked readers to come up with the first and last lines to this picture:


Why? Because it’s a cool picture and I’m still getting the hang of this posting-three-times-a-week thing and this bought me two whole posts!

The responses are below! First and opening lines are separated by ellipses. Thanks to those who participated, we have some pretty neat lines here!

“It was a taco.

And yet, after all that, it was still just a taco.” — Jacob (ellipses added by the author)


“That day I started the journey to find meaning in my life.

When I reached the ridge I smiled.” — Amy


“Climbing this big-ass mountain just to deliver this lousy pizza is not exactly what I had in mind when I chose to quit school.” — Gregg


“I knew Mary was mad at me, but this was ridiculous.

The wind at the summit was brisk, as winds at the summit tend to be, and it plucked her note from my fingers, still folded, and blew it into the rest of my life.” — Scott


“I didn’t know I was leaving til I was halfway to the state line.

I considered my surroundings- July’s breeze barely moving the kitchen curtains, coffee on the counter, Lyn’s shrill but familiar laugh- and realized with almost imperceptible shock, and no small relief, that this was inevitable after all.” — Celia


“I stared up at the man chasing me, his silhouette dark against the sun streaking over the mountaintop.

We let him go the next day, minus one kidney and all thoughts of ever bowling straight again.” — Jessica


Thanks again for participating! I really loved reading the variety of responses. You guys rock. 🙂

Keep an eye out for my next Flash Fiction Challenge in March!


Author: V. Kane

I write YA fantasy, blog about it, and then take my dog out for therapy. My current manuscript is ANATHEMA, a story of two sisters caught up in a war between the gods. Find me on Twitter at @ValkyrieWriting or Instagram at books_and_dogs

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