Week Two Results and Abject Failure

Well, Week Two did NOT go as planned. So, scrap that idea.

I’m actually really glad that Week Two happened the way it did because I get these randomly busy weeks every month and they throw off whatever schedule I’ve implemented.

Let’s recall that this last week, I was supposed to write new content during the week and edit on the weekend. It was a pretty busy week with the holiday and all that (a very productive weekend, just not so much with writing).

I got to Thursday without writing anything and, while dying a little inside, finally sat down just to edit the excerpt from Devil’s Deck I brought to The Wandering Penguins the weekend before. That was something I could easily do over breakfast with a 30-45 minute window. It may be a little bit of a cheat that this is a rewrite of a story I wrote for a college course, but who cares?

I can’t wait to tell you guys about Devil’s Deck! It’s a short story I wrote in college for class. I’m reviving it to submit it to a couple speculative fiction literary journals. I have to say I am having SO much fun stretching my suspense and speculative fiction fingers again!

But that’s for another time.

What worked
None of it. None of it worked. This is the opposite of how my process works. I just didn’t know that because I’m still defining my process.

But this is not how it works.

What didn’t work
All of it. In order to write new content of any decent quality, I need at least two hours of uninterrupted writing time. Apparently. I mean, I’ve written new content in the mornings before work in the past but I just don’t do it as well without that extra time. I can’t get into the scene. Weekday morning new content is content that has been meticulously planned out down to the phrasing in my head.
Most new content isn’t written like that.

What I learned
I need time to get in The Zone and that time is just not available during the week. So, I’m still not quite sure how to schedule everything but hopefully the third and final experiment will help solve that problem.

I also learned that, sometimes, life just gets busy and you have to be flexible. Maybe, in a different week, I really would have gotten new content written. Still, past experience suggests new content during the week is not my forte.

So, prep and editing are good weekday activities (and weekend activities), but I think I need to focus new content writing on days when I’ll have more than a couple hours at a time to work.

Week 3

This upcoming two weeks are unusual for me. I’m out of town this weekend so that writing time is possibly not really happening. But, as this is a goal-oriented experiment and not time-specific, I’m going to slightly modify the terms. This last experience is goal-oriented.

My goals at the beginning were:

1) Blog posts (two per week)<— ON TRACK
2) Novel (two or more chapters a month)<— HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED (Oh, the shame)
– includes outline work <— ON TRACK
3) One short story (adaptation of a dark fiction story from my college days, does not need to be finished) <— TASK COMPLETE
– includes outline work <— TASK COMPLETE

So, I still need to write two of my novel chapters. I also need to have my short story edited and completed for the next meeting with The Wandering Penguins in three weeks. Therefore, adjusted goals are:

1st novel chapter written by July 17
2nd novel chapter written by July 31 (I’m moving this month, so I’m playing a little loose here)
Devil’s Deck complete draft 1 finished by July 25


Author: V. Kane

I write YA fantasy, blog about it, and then take my dog out for therapy. My current manuscript is ANATHEMA, a story of two sisters caught up in a war between the gods. Find me on Twitter at @ValkyrieWriting or Instagram at books_and_dogs

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